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The Top 7 Text Message Blockers Application for Android

If you have a partner or significant other, chances are they have their own texting habits.

They like to keep things light and casual when texting friends, but if you’re looking for something more serious, they probably won’t be as inclined to follow suit. With that in mind, knowing what not to say is as important on Android as it is on iOS.

Luckily, there are so many top-notch Android text message blockers that help keep your conversations private and secure.

These apps aren’t just for single people either; if you have a family member or friend who you think would benefit from the same type of protection, then they should definitely check out this list too! We’ll explain everything you need to know about the best text message blockers for Android right here…

Best 7 Text Message Blockers Application for Android

Spam blocker for Android, Block text

Many of us constantly have the phone on our person and transfer tons of messages every single day. It can be easy to accidentally include yourself in the conversation while scrolling through your own contacts list.

This is where a spam blocker comes in handy. These apps prevent unwanted messages from being sent to you, including spam and telemarketing calls.

They can also be used to block specific contacts from messaging you all together. There are spam blockers for both iOS and Android, so it is important to read the directions on how to use them properly! Spam can come from a variety of places, including Facebook, Gmail, and Craigslist.

Some apps can be used to block spam from being sent to you, while others can be used to block specific contacts from messaging you.

Calls Blacklist

It’s inevitable that you’ll run into someone on the phone who you don’t want to talk to. You probably won’t even notice them talking to you until they’re already talking to you, and then it’s too late! These types of unwanted calls can be annoying, and a blacklist app can help you prevent them.

These apps can block numbers that you don’t want to receive calls from. A blacklist app can also be used to block numbers that you want to block from calling you.


If you have a lot of family and/or friends who don’t have a phone number listed on their phone, a reverse phone lookup app can help you find their number. With a reverse lookup app, you can look up someone’s number and see where they are located.

Nowadays, there are a ton of fake and scam numbers on the internet. You can use a reverse phone lookup app to find these fake and scam numbers so that you can block them from calling.

You can also use reverse lookup apps to find the phone number of someone you know or want to add as a contact.

Call Blocker and SMS Blocker

If you’re afraid of someone or something calling you or sending you a text message, an app that blocks calls or messages can help. A call blocker can be used to prevent people from calling you, including telemarketers, salespeople, and rude individuals.

A call blocker can also be used to block specific contacts from calling you. A message blocker can be used to prevent people from texting you, including annoying people and organizations.

It can be used to block specific contacts from texting you or you can choose to block all texts.

Chomp sms blocker

SMS are often the worst way to communicate. You don’t get to see who is texting you until you reply, so you don’t know what you’re responding to.

If you want to stop a specific person from texting you, it can be challenging to find out who they are without seeming rude or nosy. A chomp SMS blocker can help you identify a specific text message and block the sender.

Key Messages

Key message apps are useful for blocking certain phrases, words, and even entire sentences from being sent to you.

You can create multiple keyword filters, so you can have the app block certain phrases when they are used in a text message. If you’re in a relationship and you don’t want your partner to know when they say something that makes you uncomfortable, a key message app can help you stop the texts from showing up.

You can also use key message apps to filter out any messages from someone you don’t want to talk to, such as a former friend or family member.


RoboKiller is a great app for keeping your messages safe from prying eyes. This app provides you with a “virtual private network” that encrypts your messages.

This means that only the receiver will see your text and not anyone who might be spying on your phone. This VPN app is free, and there are no contracts or hidden fees.

It’s also very easy to use and doesn’t require a huge amount of technical knowledge to use. If you have an Android phone that is not protected by a virtual private network, this is a great app to protect your data. You can also protect your data on an iPhone with a VPN app.

Final Words

No matter what kind of relationship you have, there are always situations that can get you down.

Text message blockers can help couples keep their conversations private and safe. With so many great options available, it can be tough to choose which one is right for you.

Whatever your situation, there is an app for you. With these top-notch Android text message blockers, you can protect yourself against unwanted messages, keep your family and friends safe, and keep your conversations from being snooped on.