Winter Skin Routine

How to Get a Gorgeous Winter Skin Routine

The great thing about the colder months is that your skin can look so much better during winter. The icy weather gives your complexion a chance to breathe and look fresh, clean and hydrated. Think of it this way: When it’s cold outside, you naturally want to bundle up and stay warm.

Your skin sees the same thing as you instinctively layer on more clothing, find a place with a bit more heat and switch to lighter, cooler fabrics like cotton or wool.

These shifts in your environment help keep you comfortable and protected, so why not give your insides the same treatment? Your skin is the first line of defense against pollution, germs, dry air and other outside elements. So by keeping pollution at bay and feeding your epidermis nutritious antioxidants throughout the year, you’re helping protect it from damage too.

It doesn’t take long for results either — as soon as you take just a few steps towards hydrating better, cleansing better and protecting better this winter, you’ll start to see results immediately.

Stay hydrated

Winter is the perfect excuse to drink more water. The cold weather can dehydrate your skin, so drinking lots of water will help keep it hydrated and glowing.

Another thing to consider is using a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid prevents moisture loss in the epidermis and keeps your skin plump and hydrated throughout the year.

It also helps bind moisture to your skin, making it feel soft and supple after application.

Shower daily

It sounds simple enough, but it really is a big part of the winter skin routine. You should shower daily to remove the toxins and pollutants that can build up on your skin.

Daily showers not only help in cleansing but also help you regulate your body temperature. When it’s cold outside, you want to keep your body temperature below 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (or 36 degrees Celsius). For that reason, showers are a good way for you to stay warm — think about how much easier it would be if you could just walk into the shower and undress at the same time! The post is about how to get a gorgeous winter skin routine.

The benefits of doing so are explained through personal experiences and what has helped people with their winter skincare routines. They then discuss why taking care of your skin is important in the colder months as well as what factors will help improve your skin health during this time of year.

Eat well

Make sure you’re eating enough of the best foods for your skin. You should be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, particularly dark-colored ones like blueberries, pomegranates and blackberries.

These are rich in antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals, which is a major contributor to premature aging and wrinkles. Stay away from sugar and processed foods as these can cause inflammation on your face and make it more prone to acne breakouts.

Your diet also has a significant impact on how well you sleep at night. If you don’t get enough quality sleep at night, then you’re not going to be getting the daily rest needed to keep your body healthy and glowing.

So try to add in some extra veggies or protein into your diet like salmon, or eggs if you want something a little easier to digest before bedtime.

Protect your skin

from harmful UV rays The winter months are prime time for sun exposure, but not all sun exposure is created equal. There’s good and bad UV radiation, so you want to make sure your skin is protected from the good stuff and getting enough of the bad stuff.

A few key steps to take include:

1) Applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher that doesn’t contain oxybenzone (a chemical found in most sunscreens) every day.

2) Using a moisturizer with antioxidants like vitamin C and retinol to help protect against UV rays too.

3) Making sure you look out for symptoms of skin damage like dryness, irritation or dark spots on your face, arms or legs. If you notice these changes, go see a dermatologist right away!

Cleanse thoroughly

with a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin One important step is to cleanse your face properly.

Most people use soap, which can be harsh and can cause irritation or breakouts. A gentle cleanser like Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cream (available at most drugstores) is ideal as it won’t strip or over-dry the skin and also contains SPF 15, which will help protect your skin from sun damage too.

This cleanser will gently remove all makeup without irritating the skin and will leave you feeling refreshed and clean without drying out your complexion.

Protect With antioxidants

The cold weather and harsh months can really take a toll on your skin, so it’s important to protect your skin with antioxidants.

Here are a few easy, natural solutions to help keep your skin hydrated and protected during the cold winter months: – Use an antioxidant-rich moisturizer.

Cucumber is a great choice for hydration because it helps tighten your pores and combat dryness. – Take advantage of the cooler weather by wearing layers of clothing. – Exfoliate as often as you can in winter.

This will not only get rid of dry, dead skin cells but also encourage new cell growth and give your skin a healthy glow. – Drink lots of water! Hydration is one of the most important parts of keeping skin healthy, so drink up!

Protect from the environment with a solid SPF routine

The best way to protect your skin from the environment is to wear sunscreen every day. Sunscreen prevents sun damage like skin cancer, melanoma, and premature aging.

When you’re outside during the winter, you’re exposed to less sunshine than your skin needs so SPF is even more important in this time of year. You can spruce up your routine by adding a moisturizer or primer with SPF too.

Consider a tinted moisturizer that also comes with SPF in order to cover any unevenness on your face.


Not only will your skin be clean, but you’ll also have a healthy glow. Here are the best tips to keep your skin healthy and gorgeous during the winter months.